Portsmouth, New Hampshire


In late August we took the new camera out of the box. I’m sharing the photos I enjoy the most. This is just a glimpse of Portsmouth. It is a town that is between Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts in size, location and cost. All three locations share the charm of cobble stone streets, brick sidewalks, inspirational boutique shops and fabulous restaurants that make window shopping such a joy. Especially when holding an ice cream cone.

As you can see we had a lot of fun. Portsmouth is a great town to explore. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is artistic and energetic. At night the sidewalks come to life with people singing, playing instruments of all kinds and juggling while riding a unicycle. When you are learning something new, like taking pictures with a new camera, you tend to look at everything with fresh eyes. So, take your camera out of the box and explore. The world will soon be blooming around you.

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