Spiritual Health Today is a blog with David Phillips MD and Katherine Wood to inspire personal growth and self-discovery. The blog is produced by Wisdom Rock – publishing and media company.

In America, billions of dollars are spent on our Physical Health. Our Spiritual Health is assumed to be part of our religion and spiritual tradition. Spiritual Health is defined as- inner peace, love, and contentment.

David and Katherine have a Holistic view of human health.  They acquired knowledge and understanding by studying Holistic Health practices outside Western Medicine and Metaphysical areas Western science didn’t explore. They understand the role of spiritual practices to maintain physical health and emotional wellness and to treat health conditions.

David and Katherine established Library Sophia – Wisdom Mystery School to inspire personal growth and self-discovery. Personal growth and self-healing can be an Alchemical journey of transformation and creativity. Library Sophia offers self-study courses through works of fiction, literature, and creative arts.

Dr. Phillips discovered an ancient spiritual healing method known as Alchemy based on the Inner Spiritual Path. For thousands of years Alchemy was taught in the ancient Wisdom Mystery Schools to maintain physical health and emotional wellness and to prevent illness.

David is a Physician, Author, and Artist. He practices Preventive Medicine, Holistic Health, and Medical Acupuncture in the Portland, Maine area. After medical school and training in Boston, he studied Public Health, Asian Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Jungian Psychology, and Joseph Campbell’s method of comparative Mythology, Religion, Spiritual Traditions, and Art.

Katherine Wood is a Reiki Master, Author, and Artist. She worked in Health Care Administration and majored in English at the University of Southern Maine. She studied  Jungian Psychology, Mythology, Spiritual Traditions, Religion, and Art.

Information, material, and mythology are provided for educational and entertainment purposes. For professional medical and psychological advice please consult your health care provider. No doctor-patient relationship is established from the information contained in this website.

David and Katherine travel the globe to bring awareness to Alchemy, Spiritual Health, and the Inner Spiritual Path.

Lake Tahoe, California
Vail. Colorado
Sedona, Arizona
Torrey Pines, California
San Diego, California
Salt Lake City, Utah
Orlando, Florida
San Francisco, California
Park City, Utah
Louvre Museum
Paris, France
Salem, Massachusetts
Rome, Italy
Cincinnati, Ohio
Sundance, Utah
Walden Pond
Florence, Italy
Sarasota, Florida


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